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My Holiday Fair Christmas Store
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My Holiday Fair Christmas Shop

Looking for the #1 In-School Store for Your Students?

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Students love it . . .
For many children, this may be the first time they experience the thrill of picking out their own gifts for their family and friends.

Parents love it . . .
During the holiday season, parents can rest assured that their children will shop in a safe, non-commercial setting.

Teachers love it . . .
Your faculty can teach their students about budgeting and spending wisely, and emphasize the joy of giving.

Administrators love it. . .
The Holiday Store is a popular family service that's risk-free and easy-to-run!


Three important differences are the keys to its success.

  1. The quality and the price of the merchandise is second to none!  It means you'll have happy students and parents with this program!
  2. The pricing of the merchandise is such that making a good profit doesn't mean having to set your sales price to the moon!
  3. Our Shop is packaged in such a way that you are sent merchandise according to the size of your student body and the sales track record of each particular item. (You receive lots of the "hot" selling gifts and fewer of the slower selling items.)  That means you won't end up with way too much, or way too few of any of the gift items.  If you have any items that are giving you "runaway" sales, you simply call and they will be restocked for you via Next Day Fed Ex! (At no charge!)

MY Holiday Fair features over 100 different high-quality gift items priced within a child's budget---from pocket change to $12, with most gifts under $3. You'll find something here for everyone on a child's list: Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents and special friends.

MY Holiday Fair was developed by listening to the needs and past experience of school administrators, teachers and parents.  The result is an in-school shopping program that is simple and straightforward.  Everything you need to run a successful Holiday Fair is included -- all you do is sign up volunteers.

You will receive all the materials you need to run the sale including:

  1. Sponsor Guide to give you suggestions and examples on how to set up, advertise and run your Holiday Fair.  There are even suggestions on how you can use the shop to help teach students about money, budgeting and bargain hunting!
  2. Money envelopes for the students and gift bags to place the merchandise sold for the student to take the gift(s) home and place under the tree.
  3. Price list and inventory sheets to help you manage your sale and set prices.

Best of all, "MY Holiday Fair" is RISK-FREE: it won't cost your school a penny---there are no freight charges or hidden costs---you only pay for the merchandise you sell---and everyone enjoys the holiday spirit.

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Having a successful "My Holiday Fair" couldn't be easier

  1. Sign up
    • Choose the dates when the shop will be open (most run Tuesday through Friday)
    • Use our Promotional Kit to recruit volunteers and advertise dates for the store.
    • Send home information flyers for the parents
  2. Set up
    • We'll send you a large inventory of over 100 different gift items
    • The day before, volunteers set up the in-school shop in the gym, cafeteria, library or classroom
    • Children bring home a budget envelope the night before it's their turn to shop
    • Parents and children decide on a budget for each person on the list
  3. Shop
    • Assisted by teachers and volunteers, children shop in small groups
    • When it's all over, we'll arrange to pick up any unsold merchandise
    • You pay only for the items you sell

Our In-School Shop is a risk free project for your school!

MY Holiday Fair comes in kits according to the size of your school. Call for more information regarding how much product your school will need for a successful shopping experience for your students.